Fresh Remix

It all started in May 2012, What am I talking about I hear you asking… dream of becoming a Mens Health South Africa Cover Guy, you can read the letter which was published in June 2012 in the link above.

Fast forward 6 years and guess what, yip that’s right the dream has come true. Ok not fully but I am making progress towards the ultimate goal by starting inside the magazine then move towards being cover guy….I mean I can’t exactly compete with a Billion Dollar Man like Michael B. Jordan just yet but hey I am moving in the right direction.

I saw an opportunity on Facebook whereby the magazine was looking for a willing participant to do a makeover shoot, I’m like hey let’s try this…2 days later I’m asked for photos and clothes sizes, this means I got a chance.

The day of the shoot was unexpected, yeah I expected a haircut, shave and clothing but everything felt a bit surreal. Before and after interviews were done, as well as video footage of the haircut which felt cool. My hair before the makeover was long and curly so I knew they would want to cut it for a real change, once in the ‘hot seat’ and chatting to the barber Ryno Siebrits at Barnet Fair Barbers I felt more comfortable and left it in his capable hands.

The clothes they had me wear felt comfortable and stylish, it was interesting to see the stylists at work, all they needed was one look and viola like magic you are changed into a new person….

My first real photoshoot, an awesome experience although I never really knew what I was doing all I heard was “Do what you did before”, “Talk to the people”, “Ok, let’s try walking, wait no lean your arm against the railing”. When I saw the end product I can say I am really impressed with the outcome.

One thing though, my name is Shaun Engel, I’ll take the little spelling error in my surname as added fuel for when I make the Cover….yip the Dream Is Still Alive – best believe.

See a short clip of the makeover on the Mens Health website and instagram page

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