No Strings Attached

How do Magicians that? Is WWE real or fake? You’ll never know the answer until you see it……

….ok nah I’m kidding I just saw Dynamo’s Show and I still don’t know how he did it. – Seeing Is Believing, nah dude I need to see that again eish.

I love the art of magic, it inspires, it creates, it amazes and it entertains….yip this was definitely an entertaining experience and he never even used a wand. Ok fine he does not come from the School of Magic we all know he is not Harry Potter duh!!

To me he is more like the Eminem of The Magical World, the energy, passion and drive I saw from him in they way he performed tonight was awesome…..Is he an Avenger???

To be honest I was abit skeptical in how the show would be as I enjoy his card tricks from the tv shows, so I was like – How is this going to be done on a stage? hmmmmmm well SEEING IS BELIEVING indeed (even though I’d like to see it again). Everything moved effortlessly and like real magic it still leaves you wondering…..

Most of us have seen his magic on Youtube or TV shows but I think seeing it LIVE just brings about a different element, what I loved most about tonight was that it was a SHOW. A show of amazing talent and skill brought to life before our very eyes, giving us hope. The following quote sums up the evening perfectly…

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

Thank you Dynamo and everyone who helped bring this show to us here in Cape Town…..tonight I came to believe that the IMPOSSIBLE is POSSIBLE!!

Now you see me…..




*poof* – MAGIC!!!!!

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