Medal of Honour

Your mission *insert name*, should you choose to accept it, involves hidden secrets under an old Fort in Cape Town.

Ok now that I have your attention, the new TOP SECRET tour by GoodHope Adventures will take you through Tunnels and Bunkers and enter a decommissioned ammunition magazine.

You’ll see the workings of ammunition lifts as well as the ONLY disappearing cannon in South Africa.

Matt, a War Veteran himself and fellow guide Chris will unlock doors and take you on a tour up and above discovering year old secrets hidden within the walls of


Granger Bay Boulevard, Green Point, Cape Town
The main entrance is across from the Granger Bay MyCiti Bus Station.
GPS: S 33 54.196 (Latitude) E 18 24.826 (Longitude) 18m above sea level.

With Matts dynamic style this tour is definitely something out of the ordinary…there’ll be whispers, stories and who knows what will pop out behind those old wooden doors but don’t worry you in good hands he knows how to disarm a bomb if you hear something ticking.

A good team building activity or if you just interested in the vast array of history our beautiful South Africa has to offer, come and experience it first-hand. You’ll learn about the World War II (WW2) SSS Special Signal Services, 17 Secret Rader Stations, German Boats, Ventura’s, and Wolf pack German U-Boats that sunk over 100 000 tons of shipping in the Cape Waters.

After completion of the tour you can enjoy some refreshments at the Cash Bar it’s always good to unwind and exchange stories maybe chat to some of the Men in Army Gear around the Fort……

.. As always, should you or any of your Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This blogpost self-destructs in ten seconds.






To arrange a tour contact Matt Wiesse at – there are many other historical tours on offer which Matt would be happy to help you explore – The Secret Radar Stations, Simons Town naval Museum, Tour of a Submarine or any other TOP SECRET location.


1 thought on “Medal of Honour

  1. tunneltours

    Dear Shaun,
    Thank you for the awesome blog. It looks amazing and is to the point. Well done.
    My next TOP SECRET Tour is planned for Thursday for a Team build in the Bunkers and we will be Interrogating the Boss…a Battlefield platter with Cannon Balls, Grenades, Tanks for the really hungry in the Officers Bar can be ordered.


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