Cat out of the Bag

If you haven’t heard or you are on holiday in PARIS reminiscing about THAT FIRST DATE…I have news for you, HE’S NOT COMING BACK.

It’s ok though, now that the CAT is OUT THE BAG..

..I think it is time for you to STEP INTO YOUR LIGHT, there is no better way to do that than by taking some time out and MEDITATE on the awesome work of Yvette Hess, the first artist exhibiting at the Association for Visual Arts Gallery as part of their ArtReach programme.

“What started off as a form of therapy as prescribed by my psychologist two years ago, art has slowly evolved from a way to medicate my Bipolar disorder to owning my voice. I speak in colour and bold strokes which have the audacity to ignite conversations. This is easily seen in my impressionistic style. I want to show the world that there’s no shame in feeling and feeling intensely. In fact, that is where our power lies.” – Yvette Hess.

Don’t wait for tomorrow because what if TOMORROW NEVER COMES, you might just miss out on the opportunity to put your red dot on one of the visual masterpieces on display.

I don’t know much about art maar ek ken mos darm die Kunstenaar and I know the hard work and dedication she puts into her work, owning an Yvette Hess you are bringing apart of her into your home. The amazing person that she is I think that’s a sound investment, right.

So pop in at the gallery, you will not REGRET it. And when you are sitting at home by the fire this winter taking that LAST SIP of red wine, white wine or water, you’ll thank me for inspiring you to make that purchase.

To Yvette, congratulations this is the start of many, wear your CROWN with pride, you deserve it!!!!

3 thoughts on “Cat out of the Bag

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