The Hills Have Eyes

There is something about Open Streets that gets me excited, maybe it’s the fact that you can move freely with no worries of cars, seeing so many smiling faces, families spending time together or that you can just stand on a Hill and watch this glorious scene unfold….The Streets are open to all…

When Open Streets Cape Town comes to your area expect anything from Gymnastics, Putt Putt, Spinning sessions and Food…hmmm the smells are so enticing you definitely have to stop for a bite to eat.

Today the people of Mitchells Plain opened up their street, I saw people dancing, singing, running, skating…young and old enjoying the experience.

I enjoy that Open Streets encourages using public transport, they introduced the A to B Challenge focusing on lowering our carbon footprint. I think it also opens your eyes to new possibilities our city has to offer in terms of public transport even though ofcourse it needs to be upgraded but events like this can bring abit of positivity to a negative situation.

I also came across an interesting stall called Kroes Rocks, selling apparel for men and woman who love the natural look, infact they encourage you to Rock it and embrace what you have been given, why be oppressed by your hair – You are Beautiful just the way you are.

You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook as well as the website

Another cool thing about Open Streets is that it gives a voice to the people at least that is what I also experienced today. A guy named Ezra hooked up some speakers in an alley off the street, plugged in his guitar and when he started playing and singing, he drew a nice crowd who loved his performance – it was great.

I have seen the concept of Open Street grow in our city and I hope it stays and inspires change and growth in all involved as well as the people who attend.

Keep the Streets Open, I love it.


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