Inside Out

“One has to notice the small things in life because it is the detail that reveals the great moments” – R.B. Wien

Below this star we witnessed some amazing moments through music, dance and poetry….YEAH if you follow my stories you’ll know where I was tonight. EK WAS KERK TOE!!

The Rosa Choir told me not to worry about a thing in 3 different languages (English, Afrikaans and Xhosa), we are a diverse country and it is our HUMAN RIGHT to be able to express ourselves in any language we choose.

“The question is not how to survive, but how to thrive with passion, compassion, humour and style.” – Maya Angelou

Once again the Cape Cultural Collective brought together a variety of artists from across the country to take us to places we never even knew existed, each performer had PASSION, COMPASSION, HUMOUR and STYLE and my pray is to see each one of them THRIVE.

Azanian Aesthetics: Musical ensemble didn’t need words, it was only sounds from their mouths and instruments that put me in a trance as I closed my eyes I drifted away to an African Village feeling free and fresh…..then with a CLAP CLAP..

I was brought back to reality as poets Allison-Claire Hoskins and Roché Kester smacked me with the power of words, the poems were deep rooted….as always when it comes to poetry I am left speechless, rather breathless at the honesty that comes through the poems. The pen is really mightier than the sword and words do sting when coming from that raw place we sometimes try and hide….but as Roché says “Let the Poet Speak”.

“Each day is a loan, spend it wisely” – unknown

This dynamic duo know how to entertain a crowd, yislaaikit They Don’t Care ekse hulle gebruik, dromme, guitar, violin, en soma hulle toone oek om music te maak – And That MUSIC will move you. I am a huge fan of Julian Wenn and I think he has found the perfect partner, it is just pure magic like Diamond and Gold they can do anything…watch out for Didi and Jules….WENN Julian gooi those crazy eyes dan wiet djy, djy was ge WENNTERTAIN.

Yoh the Cape Cultural Collective always bring their A-Game when it comes to finding talent so much artists on the line up we soma have a break in-between too.

After the break we heard the Rosa Choir and Ziqu Pro-Found Ndabezitha render an item and like the name says it was a Profound collaboration.

“Remember, there are no mistakes only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices and everything is possible” – Cherie-Carter Scott

After a little to much partying last night (she confessed this herself), Auriol Hays took to the stage performing a little warm up vocal training but once she got going toe wiet ek sy kan enigge song vat en dan maak sy dit mooi…she even drove some of the mense in the audience CRAZY, ons het leka saam gedans and gesing.

Lastly Mr Jaz himself got the crowd toot tooting hahaha that was a leka laugh, Roeshdien Jaz ended off an amazing evening of talent that gave me that good feeling Inside and Out.

Thank you to The Cape Cultural Collective and all the artists for always making these events memorable.



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