Three Dimensional

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a bubble? How about, opening up a vault of full of money? 

At Incredible Illusions, the first “travelling exhibition of Kurt Wenner, the inventor and pioneer of 3D Art you are allowed to fully immerse yourself in the Art by direct interaction. You are allowed to stand on, touch and pose with all the artwork…..who knows what you’ll find once that vault is opened…

What is Art?

The word art in the broadest sense describes a skill….walking through the exhibition you’ll be amazed at the skill it must take to create such Incredible Illusions which are normally done on the street using chalk.

Not only is the exhibition interactive but it also includes an educational element whereby the viewer is able to learn more about the intricacies of this art form….and also be inspired by the knowledge that maths is important even in the art world.

Each piece has a different story to tell and will take you on a journey or rather a roller coaster ride…

…to Paris to see the Mona Lisa, Dubai to see the beautiful skyline and even the Grand Canyon in all its splendor. I enjoyed the imagination used in some of the pieces as it encompasses a mythical element making art fun and ofcourse interacting with each piece trying to find the best angle for a picture is all part of the fun.

This is a fun-filled experience for all ages, bring the kids and let their creative juices flow as they try and create their own masterpiece at the Artjamming centre at the end of the exhibition, a little something to take home and remember the day by..

Do not miss out on this incredible experience now on at The V&A Waterfront for more info and to book tickets follow the links and

Don’t delay because the bubble might just…



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