When the medical system that Dr Lisa Cooper has worked in for so many years starts to fail her, she turns her back on what she has always believed in and get lured into an organ smuggling syndicate in order to save her son’s life.

This is the synopsis for South Africa’s first Medical Thriller, a rollercoaster ride of emotions from the opening credits to the end, you’ll literally be gasping for air once the movie is over.

The lead actress Natalie Becker does a stunning job portraying a strong woman who would do anything to save her son, the human instinct of survival is a strong force if placed in a desperate situation. The supporting cast featuring Greg Kriek, Deon Lotz and Hakeem Kae-Kazim all deliver stellar performances in thier various roles and believe me there are a couple of twists that you would not see coming….so hold onto your seat and do not bat an eye.

With various promotional gimmicks doing the rounds leading up to the opening of the movie, I am sure you might have seen a truck driving around town with what looks like a live operation being performed inside…do not worry it is not real but it hopes to get people to turn their heads and start talking and promoting the underlying theme of the movie.

Bypass, the movie that has everyone talking due to its controversial marketing, has resulted in a 40% spike in organ donation even before it hits cinema screens next week Friday, 12 May. This locally produced and directed medical thriller by husband and wife team Shane and Bianca Vermooten exposes the underworld of organ trafficking where the rich can buy the poor organ by organ. 

Not only does this movie encourage the support of local talent but it also wants to expose the harsh reality of organ trafficking, with only 2% of our country on the organ donor list this figure highlights the need for shocking stories like these to be put on the big screen for all to see and hopefully leave the audience moved into action.

For more information on organ donation call – 0800 22 66 11 (Toll Free) or www.odf.org.za.

Once again an amazing, gripping edge of your seat movie, well done to the Cast, Producers, Director and all people behind the scenes I really enjoyed the movie and encourage more people to check it out…

Visit bypassmovie.com, to view the trailer, learn more about the film and sign up to become an organ donor.

Who knows we might see a Double Bypass next!!!


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