Don’t rain on my parade!!

A week ago I had the privilege of accompanying Tasneem, friend and fellow blogger to the opening night of this classical musical drama at The Fugard Theatre.

My first time at The Fugard, but it is safe to say that thanks to the beautiful, vibrant, sassy and independent Fanny Brice it will not be my last….she really is a Funny Girl.

If you enjoyed the original which stared Barbra Streisand you’ll love this rendition by an all South African cast, they really did a great effort with this show.

Like a good theatre show should be, it had the lights, camera and uh action…ok nope it was more a love story with some twists and turns that will play on your emotions….it draws you in and without you knowing you are drying a wet eye.

The music was on point, the sets were amazing leaving the audience in awe, and ofcourse the story and actors made the show what is….I was not born when it first opened on Broadway on the 26th March 1964 but I am glad that I got to see it now, Fanny Brice is no ordinary woman and she knows it, she is confident in her ability and this should be an inspiration to many woman today.

You will not be dissapointed so grab your ticket soon at computicket before they are sold out.

For more info:

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