I Am….

Who are you?

How do you see yourself?

This evening Uriah Cloete took his audience on a journey of discovery and affirmation through his PASSION for Art and the power of the mind.

The presentation explored the concept of affirmation inviting the audience to visualize themselves being GREAT infact being THE BEST version of themselves and taking in the present moment as this one moment is all it takes to shine.

The presentation was interesting and engaging, the audience participation brought about interesting conversations and emphasized the need for empowering yourself through POSITIVE AFFIRMATION, in a simple 3 step process we are able to take what we learnt tonight and apply this in our daily lives….

…who knows what AMAZING things might happen.

During the the practical element of the presentation I let my mind wander and to answer the question WHO AM I? – 2 visual elements came to mind in the form of a Lion and a Monkey – The Lion is the King, a Leader, fearless and positive. The Monkey is free, adventurous and wild…these are characteristics I see in myself. 

This is the seed that has been planted in my mind tonight, through visualization, repetition and focus I WILL roar like a Lion and be FREE like a Monkey…..my time is NOW!!!

The presentation ended with a short clip which I’d like to share…


I encourage you to follow Uriah, details in the first picture and join the journey unlocking the POTENTIAL that is inside YOU.


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