Unlock your Potential

What the Rich man cannot afford….a mind boggling concept if you think about the fact that in the day and age we live in money buys you everything, right?

Currently on display at the Cape Town Central Libray, Uriah Cloete unravels this theme through art, he takes us on a journey explaining his thoughts and reminding us that we able to unlock our own potential if we delve deep into our minds and become like a child again.

The rich man is focused on the facade of worldly possessions through rigid thinking, losing the sight of the important things in life like family, spiritual upliftment and having fun while you at it.

Uriah draws his influence from childhood memories and his passion for unlocking the power of the mind, each piece has a different story…his explanation of not using definitive lines in his paintings is a form of going against the grain allowing the viewer to intepret it in their own way. He also wants us to leave with the question of – What is the deeper meaning behind this work of Art? – At least this is how I felt while taking a couple of minutes just examining each piece before he started his presentation.

I enjoyed the fact that he adds two vision boards allowing the viewer to see the process of how he got to the final products on display, these sketches makes one appreciate the journey more and if you are afforded the opportunity to meet the man behind the paintings he’ll be more than willing to explain each sketch with deep passion and enthusiasm.

During his presentation he showed us a slide of two characters he created called Wunder Kid and Cat, this fascinated me as it focused on the power of imagination and how we are able to be whatever we want if we visualise our dreams and goals. Just like Wunder Kid and Cat if you want to be on a magic carpet above the clouds, unlock the power of the mind and the world is open to infinite possibilities. 

The exhibition is open to the public at the Cape Town Central Library Art section until the 13th March, you can find out more detail about future exhibitions and events by following the details below.

“One sees clearly only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eye.” – The little Prince


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