Turn down for what?????

Ultra SA…..finally the day had arrived. I got to experience one of the biggest International EDM Dance festivals in the World right here in my hometown, Cape Town, South Africa…

This is the fourth time Ultra is in South Africa and a new venue. The stage was set for an incredible day, awesome weather and the iconic Cape Town Stadium hosting the thousands of Ultranauts it really was an amazing feeling jumping and screaming to the energy flowing from the stage and the crowd.

2016 World No.1  DJ MARTIN GARRIX headlining the event it was sure to be an insane experience, at 20 years of age he controlled the crowd with such immense precision. He had us wave our arms from side to side, jumping on cue and going absolutely mental at every drop of the beat…

The line-up was packed with super local and international acts each bringing there own energy. At the Resistance Stage Dean FUEL..ed us with underground electro/house beats before I decided nah it’s time to KSHMER outside how bout dah, yeah it was a good decision as the sun was just setting for the lightshow to begin.

DJ SNAKE slithered through our veins making the crowd drop it low before jumping and screaming, Turn down for what???? – Ofcourse we not stopping this party we were ready to dance the night away….yeah I had a feeling tonight was going to be a good night.

The lights, the visuals, the smoke, the fire, the sparks and streamers all shooting out with perfect timing as the  beat drops BOOM!!!! This just makes you appreciate the amazing production value.

10 hours of non-stop music, buckets of Red Bull making the rounds keeping those energy levels at an all time high….but a little BLACK COFFEE is even better I would say…right? – Yeah you know I’m Right!!!

French legend DAVID GUETTA came on before MARTIN GARRIX and it was amazing to see the same energy even though there is a definite age difference between the two Dj’s. This just shows that if you have a PASSION and LOVE for what you do there is no limit to what you can achieve. 

An inspiring night definitely one for the memory books, new friends made and an all out awesome experience, the ULTRA family is all about UNITING people through the one thing that has no boundary…..MUSIC.

PEACE, LOVE and UNITY…..Thank you to everyone involved in bringing the amazing production to South Africa….see you in Miami biaaaaaaatch (yeah I’m dreaming but hey it might just come true.)

See all the pictures and after-videos on the Ultra SA facebook, instagram, twitter pages and website below:






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