Moscow Nights

The weather in Moscow right now is -13 degrees celsius, but in the red and white Big Top the temperature soared as the skilled men and woman from The Great Moscow Circus thrilled the audience in Cape Town, South Africa……miles away from the freezing temperatures in Russia.

From the opening act till the end you are left in awe, even breathless at times – on the edge of your seat at some of the death-defying acts. Blink and you might just miss a costume change right in-front of your eyes. 

The intimate setting provides for a breathtaking experience putting you right in the thick of things, my eyes were spinning and twirling with each acrobatic move performed. 

This is an experience not to be missed, for two weeks only you will see performers from Cuba, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, The USA, Mexico and ofcourse Russia. Each act comes with its own unique theme, set change and music, time inside the Big Top will stand still atleast that was what I was hoping would happen when I saw The Giant Wheel performed by the Dario Boy.

A circus is not a CIRCUS without clowns and a Ringmaster leading us through the program, the crazy antics will leave you in stiches keeping you entertained between acts and help you catch your breath. 

Oh what a night it was and I am sure it will only get better as the performers feed of the Cape Town enthusiastic crowd, seeing is believing. I can guarantee you will have an amazing time at The Great Moscow Circus so don’t delay, book your ticket now….even if it’s just to see the Finale…

What happens inside The Globe Of Death you’ll have to see for yourself.

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