The Terracotta Army

Imagine being transported back in time to more than 2200 years ago…when you open your eyes you’ll be in China embarking on a voyage to discover the last great archaeological find of the 20th century, after the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Armed with this pickaxe we uncover the great history behind The Terracotta Army and the First Emperor of China, the exhibition will leave you in awe at the work that went into immortalizing this great Army.

The Terracotta Army comprises the most spectacular part of the First Emperor of China’s Necropolis. The construction of the Necropolis required the contribution of more than 720 000 workers during 36 years. However, The First Emperors unexpected death did not allow for the construction work to be completed.

The exhibition showcases over 300 objects, with more than 180 warriors. The displays are all built, hand painted, and made of the original Terracotta Clay which will run over 1200 square meters and over seven scenes – the exact area of the original army. A large sectional recreation of Pit No 1 (the largest pit of the ancient mausoleum) is a highlight, showing clearly the enormity of what is the newest and most important archeological find of the 20th Century.

If you love history and want to know more about The Terracotta Army this exhibition is definitely for you, if you like me and you just intrigued at the detailing of each of the clay warriors you’ll enjoy feasting your eyes on greatness.

Walking into the Nº1 Pit is the highlight of the exhibition seeing the warriors lined up in formation after going through the history just seeing this come to life is amazing.

Tickets are available or at the on-site box office. Prices range from R135 for adults, R80 for children, R90 for pensioners and students, and R330 for a family of four (two adults and two children). Children under the age of five enter free. Special school packages are also available.

For more information, or email .

The exhibition runs until the 10th February 2017 so you still have time to be amazed.


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