Reaching New Heights!!!

So we are still in January, the New Years resolutions are still on track or they could’ve fallen along the wayside but hey hang in there it takes 21 days to form a habit and only 3 days to conquer the 3 Peaks of Cape Town.

The 3 Peaks Challenge consisting of Lions Head, Devils Peak and Table Mountain was started by two friends and is hoping to grow across Cape Town to friends of friends of uh yeah you guessed it….friends.

When I heard about it I got excited because it would be my first time climbing Devils Peak, I asked a friend to join and he suggested we do Lions Head too as preparation. This was an evening hike chasing the sunset, it is not that tough but has it’s moments especially with the chains but ofcourse getting to the top is all worth it.

Day one was not that bad we managed to see an amazing sunset and I learnt that apparently you can see a green flash when the sun sets – think it has something to do with that thing they use in Men in Black. 

The next morning we rose early for the much anticipated Devils Peak, I was excited but not prepared for what was to come. Ok just kidding it was actually not that bad except for those thorny trees, this must be the Devil telling you to turn back…..uh NO WE WILL NOT BE FOOLED.

Climbing a mountain is alot like life, you set yourself a goal and do everything in your power to achieve it. There may be stumbling blocks along the way or a different path to take but ultimately if you stay focused you’ll reach the final destination. My goal was to conquer Devils Peak and let me tell you the victory was worth it, no words can describe that amazing 360 degree view hmmmm Cape Town you beauty.

Day three was suppose to be Table Mountain but because I competed in The Open Streets Amazing Race Challenge I could not be in two place at the same time uh I’m not Batman you know, so this is on hold till next time…..reaching for the sky is not the limit but it feels pretty good. 

If you’d like to join on the next challenge or have a friend of a friend of a friend who’d be interested check out the facebook page for more info –Leopold7 3 Peak Challenge.

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