Wie’s jou Skollie

For the second year Cape Town fans got their taste of Sevens Rugby as the second leg of the HSBC Sevens Rugby series landed on our shores, we were ready for the Blitzbokke to defend their title after a successful weekend in Dubai.

+- 50 000 screaming fans filled the Cape Town Stadium yesterday, the atmosphere was electric everytime the Blitzbokke played the fans went crazy. Flags waving, fans singing at the top of their voices to the sounds of Kaptein Span die Seile hoping to get a glimpse of themselves on the karaoke cam.

I’ve been to the PE Sevens before and what I love about this series is that the fans go all out with the costumes, Hulkamania to the bobsled Team from the movie Cool Runnings but hey I’m going to have to be biased and say that our team STOLE the show…

…we escaped from Prison to support the Blitsbokke because WE LOVE RUGBY, our costumes courtesy of my cousin Monique Hess.

The day was filled with more than just Rugby, we were entertained by Beatboxer Geaorge Avakian, Micheal Jackson and Tina Turner (impersonaters ofcourse) also made an appearance plus our very own Melvis vannie Belhaaaaaar in his Blue Suede Graasies.

Some fans were just there for the beer and ofcourse left no trace…

Wearing a costume just makes the experience so much more memorable especially if your sharing it with family and friends, we will all escape prison together…..until we get caught again ofcourse, 

asseblief meneer moen my nie skollie noem nie.

We really felt like celebrities, probably because the series Prison Break is coming back.

Before the final between the Blitzbokke and England the Stadium came to a standstill as we tried to achieve the biggest #MannequinChallenge video, The inmates BROKE the rules and made their own video which turned out pretty awesome…

Even though the Blitzbokke lost in the final to England, we still had an amazing time, this was an awesome way to kick off the festive season in Cape Town.

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