The Ultimate Brewmaster

It is 5 ó clock somewhere in the world, apparently this is what is known as Beer ó clock.

Yesterday I attended the 7th annual festival of Beer, this was my first time at the festival and after last night I think I’m developing a bit of a….

…beer belly.

Set against the backdrop of The Cape Town Stadium, festival goers were spoilt for choice with over 200 beers on show, there was even a competition to find the best beer or what I’d like to call The Ultimate Brewmaster. Unfortunatly when the winners were announced I already had a couple of beers which means my senses were abit impaired, I did however hear that the Best Beer on show  from the 140 beers tested was – Devils Peak Grape fruit express IPA.

The festival made me appreciate beer and the brewing process as I chatted to some of the brewmasters, I never knew you get this much different types of beer from wheat lager, pilsner, cider and dark beer. One thing is for sure when going into a bar I’ll definitely be  ordering something other than castle lager.

The weather was great, the people beautiful and in a festive mood, this is one festival you need to add to your calender not only are there great beers and food but the live entertainment was on point to keep us dancing from the afternoon into the night.

We be drinking beer maaaaaaan…..after last night I think I need to take a little break from beer though uh byt wait what is this…

hmmmmm ONE MORE BEER!!!!

Than you and see you guys next year. 


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