Color Blast

It was a Saturday filled with thousands of HAPPY faces…..they were all called Color Runners.

This was the start of THE HAPPIEST 5K IN CAPE TOWN, we were released in batches already sprayed in a variety of color powder because we were all so excited to paint the streets RED, GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE and more…

Running, Walking, Crawling and diving through the colors at each station makes this for one fun day out with family and friends, it is also an opportunity to meet new people – All we need is to SMILE and wave. 

Cape Town has some of the most amazing sights and friendly people who make you feel welcome, we also have talented individuals and they were on route to entertain us…

The concert at the end was the highlight of the day, the was a festival of color powder. We sang a rap song with a chorus of Rock, Paper, Scissors and felt proudly South African as we sang Shozoloza. The South African Idols dopplegangers were on point as they judged a talent show on stage this was super funny.

A day one lady would never forget is Saturday 12/11/2016, this is the day hey boyfriend got on his knees infront of thousands of Color Runners and proposed….if this does not show HAPPINESS then this guys head is not blue….

Another awesome event, thank you to everyone involved I had a blast…..or rather a COLOR BLAST and will be sneezing rainbows for days but it is so worth it.

The Rainbow Tour has come and gone but ofcourse this is not the last… is only the beginning follow the Color Run website for more info and be a part of this amazing event.


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