We love Open Streets

It is written in the Streets and I totally agree, I have been to most of the Open Streets events from Bree Street, Mitchell’s Plain, Belville and today they were back in Langa taking over the streets making it a fun-filled family day out promoting the use of alternative transport as well as interaction between people from all walks of life.

Chi Chi the Panda was a real hit amongst the kids – high fives and hugs.

Each time I visit an Open Street event I am overwhelmed at the welcoming atmosphere that is given off by the local residents and the smiles and happiness surrounding the Streets…this just highlights the Open Streets  manifest perfectly.

“We believe that streets should enable safer and more cohesive communities, provide platforms for creative expression of local cultures and values, be places for recreation and social interaction. Contribute to job creation and local economic activity and provide choice in how we move around our city.”

From dancing in the street, free listening sessions and Capoeira Open Streets has it all, if you haven’t been to one before you a missing out become time….Ask this little girl…

After today she not only believes she can fly….she knows she can fly and reach new heights.

Follow Open Streets on social media because there are future events planned, share and engage – Lets all do our part in making our City a place for all to enjoy.

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