The brief was simple get from A to B using the least amount of carbon within the budget allocated to each team….simple right?

Well that is what we set out to do as team Zero Emissions, this was a fun-filled educational day as part of Open Streets introducing the first A to B challenge – This challenge is to promote alternative modes of transport and lowering our Carbon Footprint thereby not only getting more active but also saving the planet in the process.

Personal cars emit over half the globe’s transport emissions. Moving to alternative modes is essential.

We were required to use 4 different modes of transport and complete mini challenges along the way. The challenges included interviewing members of the public, getting their views on the different modes of transport used in their daily commute. Many challenges and issues came up and people were all willing to participate – I think if more engagement like these are introduced we’ll be able to build a more efficient city.

Renewable energy is a cost-efficient way to provide energy and employment opportunities.

The challenge allowed for many firsts, I think all teams had thier first opportunity to drive in a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle…

One of our teammates got her first opportunity to travel by train in Cape Town…

…and it was my first time travelling in a Taxi from Mowbray taxi-rank to Langa.

It is vital for cities to improve public transport to encourage increased use.

In SA the most commonly used form of motor transport is the minibus

I am thankful for being part of this challenge, I got to meet amazing people plus I can say that I was in team with the Minister of Transport in a race about well…..Transport. Mr Donald Grant is a real inspiration for taking part and engaging with the public….even though our team never won we had fun. 

Thank you to all involved in starting the conversation and hopefully it will grow into something really big…..follow @OpenStreetsCapeTown and @WWFSouthAfrica on twitter for more information.

Check out the awesome after video on youtube in the link below:

#AtoBChallenge feat. @liezelv @AndrewsEddie @TheDidiness @elutweet  @WCGovTPW @WWFSouthAfrica @ravens_ryan @S3ngel https://t.co/ybTHtBYD2k

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