Be my Sunshine…


Colour in the Sun is a premier colour festival promoting unity and equality whilst being entertained by top  local DJs. This festival derives from an ancient Hindu festival celebrating springtime, love and, of course,  colours! It has recently spread from its origins in India and Nepal to parts of Europe as a non-religious day  to reflect equality and togetherness. Against a festive backdrop of song and dance participants play,  chase and colour each other with bright, dry powders.   

All colours consist of corn starch and an aromatic substance. The colourants differentiate per colour.  Aromatic substances: Lavender, Lavender oil, thee plant, sage, dill, 2-undecanone, chamomile, rosemary,  rosemary oil, acetic acid. The colours are: Red, Green, Pink, Orange, Blue, Yellow.   

Colour in the Sun will be performing in the following cities:   

Cape Town  

Date:   10 December 2016 

Times:   12pm – 10pm 

Venue: GrandWest Casino   


Date:   16 December 2016 

Times:   12pm – 10pm  

Venue:  Carnival City   


Sun City  


Port Elizabeth  



Ticket Information

On sale from the 30th September 2016 Tickets on sale through Ticket Pro and Edcon Group  

Ticket Pricing :  

• Early Bird: R195 (Limited, no powder) 

• General: R250  (no powder) 

• General Tickets with 5 Bags of Powder: R350 

• Powder Bags: R25 per bag 

Cmon baby lets go party ahhh ahhh ahh yeah, we’ll be chasing COLOURS in the Sun ooh yeah OOOH YEAH.

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