Believe it or Not!!!

What does it take to make two grown men become two grinning boys again????

The Peel P50 had us in stiches, in 2010 Guinness World Records listed it as the smallest production car ever made. Designed as a city car, it was advertised in the 1960’s as capable of seating “one adult and a shopping bag”….in 2016 it held two adults Guinness please update your record book…

if this car had an engine we’d probably have driven it out of there…BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!

At the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not exhibition currently on show at The V&A Waterfront you’ll step into a world of wierd, wacky, insane and wonderful artifacts collected by Mr Robert Ripley himself. Mr Ripley travelled the world to more than 200 countries collecting artifacts and stories to be shared with the us….now you have the opportunity to see more than 170 of these artifacts.

The displays are highly educational covering themes including space, the ocean, human oddities, giants and little people, sports, Asia, Africa, Vampires and Lizards…

..somwhat strange but definitely wonderful.

Come and enjoy Cape Town’s hottest summer attraction see how you measure next to the tallest man that ever lived..

You know what they say about tall men, they have big….

Noses hahaha.

You really need to take your time walking through the exhibition as there is a lot to see and the helpful staff are on hand to dish out extra information about the oddities you might encounter, you might even meet one of your heroes..

or the man who started the original man-bun…

One thing is for sure you’ll see the people of this world differently, and the amazing things we can achieve if we believe…

Thank you Mr Ripley and the staff for having us experience this amazing exhibtion, definitely something not to be missed.


Tickets are also available at the door! 

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