We are…

We are the members, we are the members of the….


This weekend all roads lead to Elim Moravian Mission Station as we celebrated our piece of acre, our Moravian heritage. This year was something special as it was the bi-annual combined Elim Blommefees…

This is a festival Moravians look forward to as they are warmly welcomed to the oasis of the Overberg, a variety of activities are planned throughout the weekend festival goers even got entertained by Allen The Car Gaurd and Karin Kortje among others.

The main reason I was excited this year was because it was the Broederkerk Blasersbond van Suid-Afrika (BBSA) Basuinfees, as a Moravian we love our music and the brassband is our way of showing off this talent.

A sunny Sunday morning saw +-300 brass band members from 4 different distriks lead us in our weekly devotion through the art of music, yes you can show your praise through music too and we appreciate it.

O God, Getroue God, O Bronwel van weldade

This was the theme of this years festival in which we heard the various unique sounds from the different brass instruments, musical pieces like Sonata 5 – Antonio Bertali, Give me that old time religion – Friedel W. Böhler, Amazing Grace – S. Wallace and I will follow Him – J. Stole/D Roma….these all had us Shouting to the Lord in our own special way with love in our hearts. This really is a festival that moves you, music for the soul.

A beautiful morning filled with beautiful music, surrounded by beautiful people, what more could I have asked for as I enjoyed my first BBSA festival. This is definitely not the last time though.

I thank you……this is part of My Heritage.

2 thoughts on “We are…

  1. Sr Bodil van Willingh - Kuilsriver Congregation

    Thank you brother Engel, and this was my very 1st visit to Elim , a weekend I’ll remember and treasure. hopefully not the last . A splendid performance once again, thanks to all who gave a handshake, a smile , a greeting . I met a guy called Colin for the 1st time. He sold snoek at the fees. what a down to earth person, because I was standing for such a long time in the queue. I didn’t pay for my piece of fish, what a humble person he is . to all the fees gangers, thank you for a memorable weekend

    1. shaunjengel Post author

      Pleasure thank you for reading, Great Stuff Glad you enjoyed the fees…..yip I am sure it won’t be your last because Elim is the Place to be haha


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