Infecting the City

Cape Town are you ready……I said CAPE TOWN ARE YOU READY!!!! – They are coming and they want your brrrrrrainssss…

Thats right the Zombies are coming and once again they are here to infect the city.

The original walk in 2009 only had 180 people but the event has grown from strength to strength and last year we had over +-3500 Zombies.

I survived a couple of these events…..I won’t say unscathed though as these Zombies are ruthless in their attempt to find succulent Brains to feast on… is Halloween after all.

Each year we host the Cape Town Zombie Walk/Fest and take over the streets of Cape Town. Cape Town Zombie Fest is an all ages event making it fun for the entire family and is the only pet friendly event of its kind. We help raise funds for local charities like the Lucky Lucy Foundation for abused and neglected animals and will continue to do so.

Please help us take this event to the next level by joining the event, sharing the event and inviting all your friends. Even if you can attend on the day someone you know will. Thanks for all the support over the years.

Please have a look at the website and event page.

Check out the link above and find out all the details for one of the best Halloween activities in Cape Town…..if you can’t beat them join them so don’t be afraid to dress up or rather down as you meander your way through the city for Brrrrrrrainssss..

…yeah don’t worry you’ll have fun too and selfies are always welcome…

Zombie Walk has a 100% safety record with no real blood ever spilled. Keeping our supporters happy and safe is of paramount importance to us.We have the local Traffic Department involved helping with road closures, marshals to assist with crowd control, medical staff and ambulances on standby throughout the walk and the festival and security and cleaning staff at the festival, to make sure it’s a safe and clean environment for all.
Check out the links below of my journey attempting to survive the Zombie Apocalypse…

Zombie Walk 2013 

They coming 

SA Horror Story 

Grease Frightening 

See you there….it is sure to be a SCREAM.

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