Wheels of Fury

For the first time ever Cape Town, South Africa gets to see Red Bulls drift king Mad Mike in action….spinning his Madza RX8 sideways like a maniac.

The crowd gathered at Grandwest Casino on a windy but sunny day for some awesome wheel spinnning action, and the athletes did not disappoint as they maneuvered their souped up cars around the makeshift track including a powerslide under a Goodhope Construction truck.

The smell of burning rubber and sound of screeching tyres was the order of the day, ofcourse the crowd expected no less we wanted to see smoke and mirrors, this is what these events are all about right?

Fast and furious action for the whole family, yip spinning tyres is a family sport and suitable for ladies too as Firdous Asmoedien and Malikah Daniels showed us in an exhibition drift around the track…..these ladies can drift shoo…

..and they look badass doing it!!

In the exhibition area their were many vehicles to feast your eyes on, Cape Town petrolheads really love to show off thier cars and I’m not complaining..

Now that is my type of Gold……I want it and one day I will have it – yeah boys and their toys you can’t take this away from us sorry.

The perfect line up…..when these beasts had a 5 second rev-off the crowd went crazy, fire exploding from the exhaust like a scene out of Fast and Furious..is mos om ‘n man mal te maak haha.

Mad Mike’s car of choice, he really is a genius around the track and that is a powerful car too..

The Drift Squad had an area where you could experience going sideways…in the passenger seat ofcourse, Anwar Daniels took me around the course – My first drift experience in a Nissan 200sx….damn that was insane, how can this guy tell me he only had 2 days of experience.

An awesome day of entertainment, seeing these beasts move sideways and a skateboarder jump over a car…

Jean – Marc you legend, with burnt rubber on your wheels I’m sure that’ll move you up in the rankings, 8th in the World of Skateboarding wow.

The sound off inside the exhibition area was really cool, seeing the water move like a Tsunami off that Opel Astra….die beat het behoorlik geklop..

The afterparty saw the crowd dance and shout to the lyrical flow of Youngsta and the beats from some of Cape Towns finest DJ’s…..because in Cape Town the party never stops.

That is definitely the motto I experienced today – The Air Goes In….Happines Comes Out – We want more!!!

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