Survivor: One World

Many of my friends were probably thinking when am I going to make any Survivor references seeing that I’m such a huge fan of the series.

Well here it is in the last post of this adventure, 10 days ago 22  strangers embarked on the journey of a lifetime they came together under one theme Come and See.

Clothed with their own glasses and knowledge of this wonderful country which is India they never imagined that once they took off these glasses and experience life in India through the eyes of the locals that they would go back home enriched not only spiritually but also become emotionally strong.

The method used of various interactive  lectures and visits to various heritage and historic places of importance together with acts of solidarity in terms of service to the poor community has fulfilled their young lives immensely.

The objectives that were set out in the beginning of this adventure in my opinion were achieved, as we learned how to live in solidarity even though we all came from different background and social standards, we kept our identity and shared with each other various aspects of our lives through song, dance, inter-cutural dialogue and networking.

Even though our trip was short lived what we have learnt will last forever and through this programme hopefully have made a small difference in the mindset of the youngsters we met along the way.


At the final tribal council non of our flames were put out as 22 strangers became 22 members of one family.

We may have left India but it is not for good I am sure many of us will be back because India is a place with so much magic that needs to be explored.


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