The Sikh way of life

Our last day in Bangalore before we depart for Hyderabad by night train. We had the opportunity to visit the University of Theology where we saw ancient text and artifacts like the first Tamil bible. We also saw Rev. Solomon’s thesis hmmm I think some of us might have been inspired to join the college….the library holds so much undiscovered precious pearls.


Next we visited a Gurdwara where we were exposed to the Sikh way of life…to be honest this was the first time I heard of this religion. Before entering the Gurdwara we had to cover our heads and wash our hands and feet, we then received some background information about Sikhism….it was information overload but it inspired me to do my own research as I enjoying learning about new things.


The comparison between the lotus flower and how it cannot live without being in the mud aptly accentuated the Sikh way of life as your worldy and spiritual life should not be separate.

Punjabi : 
ISO 15919 transliteration : Ika ōaṅkāra sati nāmu karatā purakhu nirabha’u niravairu akāla mūrati ajūnī saibhaṅ gura prasādi.
Simplified transliteration: Ik ōaṅgkār sat nām kartā purkh nirbha’u nirvair akāl mūrat ajūnī saibhaṅ gur prasād.
Translation: One God Exists, Truth by Name, Creative Power, Without Fear, Without Enmity, Timeless Form, Unborn, Self-Existent, By the Guru’s Grace.

Another interesting observance was the attire worn once you are baptised in the Sikh way of life….

Baptised Sikhs ritually wear five items, called the Five Ks (in Punjabi known as pañj kakkē or pañj kakār ), at all times. The five items are: kēs (uncut hair), kaṅghā (small wooden comb), kaṛā (circular steel or iron bracelet), kirpān (sword/dagger), and kacchera (special undergarment). The Five Ks have both practical and symbolic purposes.

We then proceeded to enjoy some lunch prepared by the Sikhs and is served to anyone from any religion.

After our brains and stomachs were filled to the brim we needed an outlet to relax… at a local market (with all the people and almost getting lost in the crowd I don’t think it was really relaxing haha but atleast I found some cool Kurta’s and the oh so special Samoosa’s  – yummy).


Our time in Bangalore had come to an end, a 12 hour journey on a night train to Hyderabad ahead of us . We were all really tired but we still had time for a game of Uno…


and to give Bangalore a huge….


PS: This time we made double sure everyone was on the right train…..toot toot.

1 thought on “The Sikh way of life

  1. Nicole Reyn

    The illustration in the lotus and the connection between physical and spiritual realms… That’s incredible!


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