Lights, Camera, Action……Kommandant!!

In 1987 Ashley Kriel The Che Geuvera of Bontheuwel was killed by Aparthied police….I was born in 1987, I do not know the story of Ashley Kriel. To be honest I only found out about him because I know the director of the new South African Documentary screening at the Encounters Film Festival called…


This untold story is portrayed with raw emotion through images and interviews from family members, friends and Comrades. I had the opportunity of attending the opening screening last night and I felt educated on a young struggle hero who mobilised the youth of Bonteheuwel to act in a way that would better their future, through the footage and commentary you’ll learn about a young man who fought for the people,  in the way he addressed the people he seemed like a born leader.

The documentary opened up old wounds for the family and friends but it could also bring people together and share other Untold Stories and hopefully answer some unanswered questions which need to be shared. I, like I’m sure many others my age or younger can benefit from stories like these giving us hope that we can make a difference or change in our circumstances, we can’t let sleeping dogs lay – die honde moet los gemaak word, ons moet praat en mobilize…if action needs to be taken then we must ACT.

Weldone to Nadine Cloete I know the journey you have been on was not an easy one and Thank you to the family and friends of Ashley Kriel who helped get this out….like what was mentioned in the Question and Answer session,  this movie needs to be part of the school curriculum these are our stories, our people…people like you and me who we can relate to,  these are our REAL HEROES.



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