As the 11 June 2016 draws closer and The Grind 02 indoor obstacle sprint race edges nearer it has been revealed the…

 Our elite batches are now full!

           BUT WAIT, there is good news…


 “It’s always better to SHOCK people and change peoples expectations than to give them exactly what they THINK you can do.” – Jonah Hill

There is an Underdog division which is open to everyone who thinks they have what it takes to GRIND it out with the Elites…

What is the underdog division?

The concept behind the Underdog division is to create a wildcard scenario which is unique to ISOCR, we believe that there are many people out there that can give the top athletes a run for their money over a short distance and back to back obstacles but they don’t know it yet!

How does it work?

As we anticipated a lot of people don’t want to run alongside elites in fear of being left in their dust, the Underdog division solves this problem. If you choose to take part in this divison you are allowed to pay a lower rate to run the first two timed runs only after the elites have run. You can then compare your times with the elite times and decide if you want to buy in for the rest of the event and compete for prize money

How much does it cost?

Underdog entry – R250.00: You will run in Round One only and you will have 2 official timed runs. 
Buy in –  R150.00: Once you are feeling ready and confident, this buys you access to Rounds 2 – 5 (if you are fast enough)

If you choose to buy in you also get free entry to our next outdoor event.

“Victory is a thousand times sweeter when you’re the underdog.” – Jerry Han

For more info:

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