A storm was brewing in Cape Town as the EFC came back to the mother city with a massive fightcard featuring two title fights and the return of Don “Magicman” Madge into the Hexagon.

The Grandwest Arena was packed with screaming fans thanks to Etv I got to enjoy the action, even though it was delayed it was worth the wait….


The first Maincard fight was a lightweight bout between Sibusiso Mdoku vs Hanru Botha.

Mdoku came into the fight jumping around hyped up but once inside the Hexagon it took only 19 seconds before he was flat on his back as Botha land a knockout punch.


Next up was Mark Hulme vs Kaleka Kabanda, Hulme walked into the Hexagon serious ready to do battle and once the bell went he came out with some wild kicks. A huge Takedown getting Kabanda on his back saw the match almost being called in the dying seconds of the first round but he was saved by the bell.

It took 1.41 seconds into the second round for Hulme to get the win by TKO after Kabanda tapped out to a rear-naked chokehold…a calculated performance and great win over the undefeated Kabanda was enough to bring a smile to Hulme’s face when the referee lifted his hand as the winner.

Things were getting intense and exciting I am sure the Stormers guys in attendance and Idris Elba were enjoying the fights so far.


Oh, it’s just me, myself and I
Solo ride until I die
Cause I, got me for life
(Got me for life, yeah)
Oh I don’t need a hand to hold
Even when the night is cold
I got that fire in my soul

Don “The MagicMan” Madge back in action a crowd favourite looking good after changing fighting camps to Fight Fit Malitia, he was ready for this fight between Chelin.

Both men standing up exchanging kicks but a massive kick to the ribs of Chelin 54 seconds into round one and it was over, Don Madge declared winner on a TKO.

“I’m ready to face anyone. Who ever is ready to fight will get their turn.” – @DonMadgeMMA #EFC48

Finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for, after some fierce words and a crazy stand off at the weigh-in this was a match not to be missed.

Irshaad Sayed vs Cedric Doyle for the EFC interim Bantamweight Championship – 5 rounds of 5 minutes each all will be left inside the Hexagon.

Sayed coming into this fight with a 7 fight winning streak was the favourite to win the title but almost lost it after a great show of willpower to get out of chokehold from Doyle in the first round.
Doyle dominated the stand up fight but Irshaad quickly changed the tactics and took it to the floor where he could get some knees to the ribs of Doyle. It was a tough match to call after the first two rounds but in round 3 Doyle was running out of energy and the “White Tiger” Irshaad Sayed striked with a knee to the head 4.49 seconds into round 3 to be crowned…


“I’m coming for you. You can run, but you can’t I hide. I will finish you! – @IrshaadSayed #EFC48

That was his reaction after the win…..a challenge to Demarte Pena – This is one match-up I’d love to see.

Final match of the night THE MAIN EVENT – Heavyweight championship fight between Brendon Groenewald and Danie Van Heerden.

The former champ Groenewald looked solid compared to van Heerden but after this fight it was safe to say when in a heavyweight bout you need the willpower and courage to win.

Van Heerden landed some huge punches and it took only 2 rounds before the match was called both men giving there all as Groenewald’s tired body lay sprawled on the ground.

Like a Pitbull Van Heerden mauled his opponent and Groenewald could bot defend the shots crowning a new Heavyweight Champion.


“I said he wouldn’t have the will power!” – @daniepitbull #EFC48

Welldone to all fighters awesome night next up its Carnival City for EFC49

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