The Deep Grind

After months of prep the venue was set for a fun filled day of obstacle course racing…..(I say fun filled with a sore body afterwards hahaha)


This was called The Arena where Gladiators come to train or rather where normal everyday 9-5 workers come to beat their daily GRIND.

From a 8km course to a 5km course around Hillcrest Quarry I don’t think many of us knew what we were in for, all we knew was that there were going to be  +- 34 obstacles with names like..

– Hell in a Bucket
– Contained Monster
– Sink or swim and
– Moment of Truth

Once the start gun went off as we were released in batches it was all uphill from there….I literally mean UPHILL – the terrain was insane good thing my motivation was this saying..


It does not help much if your mind is telling you…”Dude where’s my car” but with motivation from fellow athletes and teammates it gets easier to change your mind to “Is there no one else!!!” – yip there is – from running up a hill of sand, jumping up containers, running a mile with a bag of gravel to dragging and flipping tyres the obstacles tested you both mentally and physically.

The awesome thing about events like these is that it gets you off the couch and the camaraderie between athletes motivating each other is inspiring. Completing an obstacle is like facing a fear and the rewards are endless, along the way you’ll definitely meet new people and who knows the conversation might lead to “When is the next challenge?”


We were all winners after pulling ourselves through the toughest obstacle in my opinion _ dragging your tired body through the water over inflated tubes and hanging from monkey bars to finally sprint to the end for a medal and bragging rights of finishing THE GRIND: Obstacle course.

At the finish line the atmosphere was  festive, kids running around sharing stories of their mini Grind experience and adults just enjoying the sun, for us this is what we do after a tough day at The Grind…


What better way to end off the day than with an ice cold craft beer found in our goodie bag.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this event happen you are the real champions.

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