Open Streets: Mitchells Plain

Welcome back to another edition of Open Streets, this time we are taken across the city to Mitchells Plain where a section of Merrydale Avenue was turned into a hub of various activities.


NO CARS ALLOWED this is the motto of Open Streets promoting the use of alternative transport. Bicycle’s, Train, Taxi, Carpool or if you brave enough you could ask these speed skaters to teach you their trade…


I’ve been to a few of the Open Street events and I enjoy the fact that it goes around our city showing off the areas in  a positive light. You might argue that it is just for one afternoon but this is a community driven initiative so if they can do it why can’t the people in those communities do it too…Stand Together and drive out the bad elements. We need to take back our streets and encourage our children to believe that they can fly…


Cape Town weather played along nicely – beautiful blue skies, a perfect day for some street cricket, soccer or nikkies and for those with a little more energy and fitness the Capoeira was a real crowd pleaser.


It is not all about physical activity though there was an option to test your mental skills at a game of Chess..


Or make a turn at the…


All in all it seemed to be another successful Open Street event and in true Cape Town style was daar ‘n stalltjie wat Gatsby’s verkoop.


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