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The Franschhoek feeling

Franschhoek ([frɐnsχˈɦuk] ; Afrikaans for “French Corner”, Dutch spelling before 1947 Fransche Hoek) is a small town in the Western Cape Province and one of the oldest towns of the Republic of South Africa . It is about 75 kilometres from Cape Town and has a population of slightly over 15,000 people. Since 2000 it has been incorporated into Stellenbosch Municipality.

Today I had the pleasure of visiting this little town ok it was more of a passing through but we did manage to stop of at the The Huguenot Monument…


..looking back it actually looks cool doesn’t it. The monument garden does make for some awesome pictures and is a popular wedding picture destination….(call this the HitchHikers guide to wedding pictures).


This tranquil little town is a popular tourist destination with its picturesque scenery and gourmet restaurants (don’t expect any of the major fast-food chains.)


And when the sun is out this will be a good place to look cool and show your  significant other how a sundial works..


Good thing the sun was not out today because I have no idea how it works, plus this one seems more complicated with dates and stuff yeah I was totally lost in translation.

After a quick lunch at the Pick ‘n Pay, I must say the Pesto Chicken sub was delicious, we made our way to the FRANSCHOEK MOTOR MUSEUM.


The Franschhoek Motor Museum offers visitors a special opportunity to look back at more than 100 years of motoring history with its unique and exciting collection of vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and memorabilia in the magnificent setting of L’Ormarins. Across the length and breadth of Southern Africa, only one place can adequately portray the evolution of the automobile, The Franschhoek Motor Museum.

Walking through the doors of the four buildings it is like a motorheads wet-dream these shiny beauties are amazing to look at…No touching please.


There are many well known names in the collection from Ford, Bugatti, Pors
che, BMW and these ladies in red…


The Ferarri collection is breath-takingly


If you are into vintage cars this place will really blow your mind you’ll really appreciate its beauty, the setting is perfect.

Check out the websites above for a more informative look at the history of Franschhoek and the Motor Museum.


Oooooooo before I forget I’ll leave you with this little phrase that will keep you coming back to this little town for sure…



Lets take it to the streets…

If you from Cape Town, I am sure you played soccer in the streets, tried to do a six-step or Beatbox with your chommies while the one bra slats ‘n verse.

Imagine all these elements were captured into one event, a fusion of street soccer and the hip-hip culture we all love….look no further as

Saturday 05 March 2016 (18h30 – 00h30) we will see the kick-off to the third installment of the unique street event which fuses soccer and street culture (incl. freestyling, breakdancers, rappers, graffiti artists and more) at a secret ‘underground’ location in Cape Town.

Local artists Youngsta and, Chad Saaiman will be keeping the crowd entertained while B-Boy Curse, will be again heading up the Judging for the city’s best breakdancing event…so if you got the moves stiek uit and wys us what you got – daai’s die moove of hoe?

The centrepiece of the event will be a 5v5 steel cage pitch where teams compete in a 1-goal-and-off, winners stay on for the Ultimate Street Ballers Cup.

Expect an evening of insane talent and energetic, explosive street soccer skills.

For the first time, Fives Street will be introducing a football freestyle tournament. This unique format is not to be missed.

Follow the link below for more information…remember the venue is a secret all will be revealed on the day so keep your eyes and ears open…..The Streets is where it all begins.