March Madness

“A rejuvenating concept of revolutionized personal training: extremely functional yet scientific, creatively insane yet structured and brutally tough yet enjoyable which provides optimum health and maximum results!” – Chris Walsh

March is drawing closer to the end and the seasons are changing, the new years resolutions set in January are long forgotten….or are they?

360 Specialized Training Gym introduced a March Madness special giving people the opportunity to try out this next level gym experience…I took on the challenge and I barely survived but I must confess even though the classes are highly intensive they are not static and that’s what make this experience enjoyable.

Walking through the doors you immediately realise this is not a conventional weight-lifting, treadmill running gym…360 is a place where Warrior’s and Beast are moulded, yip that’s right if you already look like a Spartan but looking for another challenge the Warrior Workout is for you…for the beginners the best place to start is…

Our New Beginner Class – Whatever your fitness! Whatever your goals! A great place to start your 360 journey and healthy lifestyle. By strengthening your core, aligning your posture and removing imbalances, your primal movement patterns will be restored and allow you to go play.

Other classes include Kettle Bell, Cardio Blast and Box Fit to name but a few, all classes are focused and specialized with a trainer on hand to drill and motivate you along the way to achieving your goals….ofcourse if you are looking for personalised services the trainers are happy to work with you in breaking the barriers to reach the next level.


I tried the Cardio Blast….and uh I had a blast but my body took a beating haha those box jumps are something else. I loved the fact that even though minimal weights were used my body felt like I dead lifted an Olympic record weight.

Another class I was keen to try and turned out to be my favourite was Box Fit, here I felt like I was being trained to enter the EFC Worldwide hexagon and become champion hmmmm who knows dreams can come true right.


For more information about the 360 experience follow the link below and JOIN THE LEGION.


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