Lets take it to the streets…

If you from Cape Town, I am sure you played soccer in the streets, tried to do a six-step or Beatbox with your chommies while the one bra slats ‘n verse.

Imagine all these elements were captured into one event, a fusion of street soccer and the hip-hip culture we all love….look no further as

Saturday 05 March 2016 (18h30 – 00h30) we will see the kick-off to the third installment of the unique street event which fuses soccer and street culture (incl. freestyling, breakdancers, rappers, graffiti artists and more) at a secret ‘underground’ location in Cape Town.

Local artists Youngsta and, Chad Saaiman will be keeping the crowd entertained while B-Boy Curse, will be again heading up the Judging for the city’s best breakdancing event…so if you got the moves stiek uit and wys us what you got – daai’s die moove of hoe?

The centrepiece of the event will be a 5v5 steel cage pitch where teams compete in a 1-goal-and-off, winners stay on for the Ultimate Street Ballers Cup.

Expect an evening of insane talent and energetic, explosive street soccer skills.

For the first time, Fives Street will be introducing a football freestyle tournament. This unique format is not to be missed.

Follow the link below for more information…remember the venue is a secret all will be revealed on the day so keep your eyes and ears open…..The Streets is where it all begins.



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