Rocket Rhino

Ice Hockey has to be one of the most adrenaline fuelled sports there is, not only for the players but for the fans too…


South Africa played host to the IIHF U18 World Championships in which Hong Kong, South Africa and New Zealand battled it out for top honours.

The final game saw New Zealand take on South Africa, the crowd firmly behind the home side. Rocket Rhino the SA mascot having a jol taking selfies with the fans.


On the ice however it was New Zealand who brought the heat as they pummeled SA in the first quarter 3-0. The second quarter was abit more challenging as things got messy hard hits made me think is that legal haha, at one point New Zealand had three players in the sin bin but SA could not capitalise,the score ended 4-0 New Zealand scoring with 19 seconds left on the clock.


After the half-time break the coach probably gave the team a stern talking because they scored within the first minute of the 3rd quarter. 4-1 hmmmm this gave the fans something to scream about and it was brought forward in the SA team as they started pushing forward. It was full on action in the 3rd quarter ice flying everywhere 4-2 oh yeah this looks like comeback….


Unfortunately it was short lived as New Zealand came back making the score 5 – 2, in the last quarter thing seemed to have turned for the worse as New Zealand netted another 2 goals to make the final score 7-2 to the Kiwi’s.


Well done to all participating teams and to the Grandwest Ice Station for bringing us another amazing event.

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