Van Spier Tier na Koue Bier..

If you looking for Rugby, Netball and Beach Volleyball all in one place then the Cape Town 10’s definitely the place to be.


The weather was perfect and so were the woman, another reason why Cape Town is the best destination – for it’s beautiful people who love socialising.

The Cape Town 10’s attracts sports lovers from all over the country and world, this is one event you need to add to your social calendar for sure.


The main focus is the rugby with various leagues example:Castle Milk Stout, Castle Light and Mainly Here For Beer catering for all tastes. The referee even has a special card to use at his/her discretion The Blue Card, given to a player who is to “gesyp” hahaha….I’m not sure if this card was used but if it was that player was sure to get a fine at the FINE SESSION after the game.


Beer flowing like water don’t be surprised if you wake-up with a hangover and a “bier pens” the next day.
You’ll also have the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the veterans a of the game like Bobby Skinstad, Schalk Burger and Conrad Jantjies….Jack Parow and Rob Van Vuuren also making an appearance on the field (yup hulle kan ook ‘n ball rond gooi).


If you tired of seeing the men scrumming and rucking, there is netball too – I’m mainly here for the woman (honesty is the best policy right).

When all the formalities are done the Castle Beer Tent turns into a mad -house with names like Hot Water, Rockerfellas and Kurt Darren taking to the stage to keep the party pumping well into the night…


My second time at the Cape Town 10’s and I enjoyed myself to the fullest (yup too many beers were consumed and too little rugby was watched haha).


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