It all comes together with…


1895 the year which marked the start of many stories which all began with the line…”so I tried to save water and drank beer instead”.

Charles Glass is an actual person who came to Cape Town in search of Gold but left behind a legacy of Liquid GOLD, the Newlands brewery tour starts off with a safety briefing(full gear included) and a history lesson from Jan van Riebeeck’s time but I’ll skip that part and move onto the cool stuff.


Along the “Brewmaster” walk you’ll learn and appreciate the beer we enjoy especially if there is sports events happening at Newlands Stadium…


It’s amazing to see how the production line operate and the amount of bottles that move through the system, there is even a machine built by NASA, Houston I think we have no problem because I was satisfied with the Black Label at the end.

I found out where the term beer ‘o clock comes from as everyday at 12 there are people in the brewery tasting if the beer produced is ready for distribution ( I didn’t need much convincing to send my CV for that job but no vacancies available, damn).

The way the tour guide explains the process and the use of the word gorgeous beer (after the tasting session I knew how she could say this), gets you excited to see the end product.


Here is where the real fun begins after an hour long tour of the brewery educating yourself on the brewing process, enticing all your senses you’ll become so thirsty, it took me 60 seconds to get to this…


Luckily you get two crowns (beer tops) per person to enjoy a full selection of beers on offer and make new friends in the process because it all comes together with a….


CASTLE….or whatever you prefer just remember to be smart and don’t drink and drive.

Totally enjoyed the tour it is highly recommended as it will give you greater insight into the brewing process who knows you might just enjoy that Castle Milk Stout you’ve been avoiding , :-).

For more info and booking follow the link below

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