Cannon Ball…

Australia, known for the outback, surfing and cricket….oh and kangaroos but you will see none of this when the AUSSIE: The Australian Circus Spectacular comes to Cape Town for the first time.

From the people that previously stunned audiences in Austalia with the GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS, Weber Bros Entertainment are bringing this spectacular show to our shores for abit of clowning around.

AUSSIE is a modern, circus spectacular that represents the daring, inventive, and cheeky nature of the Australian spirit. The show blends traditional acrobatic cirque performances in the air and on the ground, hilarious slapstick comedy, and modern, extreme stunts to ensure that there is something for all of the family to smile, clap, laugh, and gasp at.

This show is said to be one of those which you need to see to believe as  the ONE OF THE WORLD`S ONLY SURVIVING HUMAN CANNONBALL ACTS will be fired right over our audience!

The rush of the GLOBE OF DEATH, a metal sphere in which up to five motorbike riders encircle a daring dancer before the globe splits in half!

The thrill of seeing our FMX riders jumping the Globe beneath the Big Top!

Bellyaches of laughter between our modern (read: not scary or traditional) clowns, VAL DE FUN and YURIY THE BALLOON MAN.

Stunning feats of human strength, flexibility, and skill with acrobatic performances including the LYRA, POLE, and SILKS.

Come and say g`day to the AUSSIES, and be ready to escape to a magical world of the seemingly impossible!

This sounds like one circus you do not want to miss out on…


CONNECT WITH THE AUSSIES TO FIND OUT MORE: Facebook,Twitter and Instagram (@aussie_acs)

NOTE: AUSSIE is an all-human spectacular, No Animals are involved in the AUSSIE production.


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