Welcome Aboard

The date is April 10, 1912 I remember like it was yesterday….


Got my boarding pass, which I won at a lucky hand of poker, I’m aboard the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic….Woooohoooo we going to America.

46 328 tons, breadth 92.6 feet and 882.5 feet in length this ship was said to be practically unsinkable.

“I could not concieve of any vital disaster happening to this vessel…modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that.” – Captain Edward J. Smith

The Titanic Artifact Exhibition takes you on a journey from the ship’s construction to life onboard, the famous sinking and modern-day efforts to recover the wreckage. The exhibition features real-life remnants from the RMS Titanic.

Highly educational you’ll discover facts and figures that will blow your mind. I’m sure most of you watched the movie, if not there is an opportunity to watch at your own leisure. The compelling human stories from survivors and those who lost their lives are emotional and fascinating at the same time, it is cool to find people you heard about in the movie on the walls of the exhibition.

“There was no moon, and I have never seen the stars shine brighter, they appeared to stand out of the sky, sparkling like diamonds. It was the kind of night that made one feel glad to be alive” – Jack Thayer, First Class Passenger


April 15, 1912 11:40pm “Iceberg ICEBERG”….the start of +- 2 and a half hours of chaos and sadness as the Titanic begins its decent to the bottom of the ocean forever, 12500 feet below the surface.

The exhibition brings that tragic night back to life before your eyes in thrilling fashion. The exhibition also offers you the opportunity to relive what it was like to dine aboard the Titanic…with Valentines Day approaching this will be the perfect opportunity to take your significant other on a 1st class dining experience. Expect world-class service and a great dining experience on board the Titanic.

Grab your pass and welcome aboard a journey you’ll not easily forget.

Titanic The Artifact Exhibition runs until March 2016 and tickets can be bought via Webticket or at the door.


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