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Cape Cobras giving back

It’s the season for giving and that is exactly what our local heroes are doing…


Cape Cobras, Woolworths to brighten lives at Red Cross Children’s Hospital

CAPE TOWN. – The Cape Cobras, in conjunction with Woolworths Long Beach Mall and Colosseum stores, are set to visit the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital on Monday 14th December.

For some of these kids together with their parents this is probably a once in a lifetime experience and will definitely put a smile on a few faces.

The visit by one of South Africa’s most dominant domestic cricketing power-houses, is aimed at offering the patients and parents opportunities to interact with the players, mingle with them and speak to some of the most publically adored South African sporting heroes.

Woolworths has sponsored goodie bags which will be handed out by the Cape Cobras.

“This is a very exciting opportunity to the hospital, the staff, the children and their relatives. It also offers the players the opportunity to share gifts, while encouraging and inspiring young patients in the spirit of Christmas,” said Nabeal Dien, chief executive officer of the Cape Cobras.

“We want to be known not only as a cup-winning domestic team, but also as champions of good will.”

David Stephens, executive director of the Children’s Hospital Trust, said: “We have such great expectations of the visit of the Cape Cobras. They are a source of great joy and excitement in the corridors and wards of the hospital with their encouragement, support and infectious spirits.”

“Woolworths is delighted to be part of this heart-warming initiative with the Cape Cobras and the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital,” said Andrew Lottering, Woolworths Long Beach Mall foods manager.

‘It is extremely important to Woolworths to contribute to the needs of our children. We wish the children, the parents and the hospital staff an enjoyable time and we salute the Cape Cobras to invest time to make a difference in the lives of young South Africans,” Lottering added.

Visits to the hospital has been part of an annual tradition since the early 2000’s when Paul Adams, the current coach, was still a Cape Cobras and South African stalwart with his unique left-arm wrist spinning style.

“As a Cape Cobras squad, we treasure the visits to the children’s hospital and we trust that this will continue indefinitely,” Adams added.

For those of you who love your cricket do not forget to purchase your ticket to the T20 clash between The Cape Cobras and The DHL Stormers on the 15th December 2015 at Newlands, a great opportunity for the kids seeing that it is school holidays to enjoy the day out.

Dien said cricket inspires young fans, and offer them a healthy lifestyle-opportunity while building camaraderie and social bonds with fellow-players. “We hope this visit will inspire the patients to never surrender their childhood dreams and hopes.”

Snake in a Storm

T20 Cricket with a difference as the DHL Stormers take on the Cape Cobras at PPC Newlands  on the 15th December 2015.


If that doesn’t sound epic enough, the curtain-raiser will be a Cape Town derby between MTN8 Champions The Urban Warriors, Ajax Cape Town vs Santos in a 6-over per side cricket match.


Ek hoop die poppe gaan dans of miskien wys ‘The Peoples Team’ hulle kan ‘n ball spin en ‘n paar sesse slaan.


This Cape-derby has been part of the football tradition in the City of Cape Town for many years, with some truly thrilling encounters. The first-division club recently underlined their steady progress under Zeca Marques with a 2-1 win over Ajax in a friendly match, reignited the significance of Cape Town’s biggest football derby. The match between the Cape Cobras and the DHL Stormers will be a clash between South Africa’s most dominant cricket franchise and the country’s most successful rugby-franchise of the 2015 Super Rugby season.


Be ready to see your favourite local sports heroes in action, gates open at 3pm and the first match between Ajax and Santos starts at 4pm followed by the T20-match at 18:00 between  The Cape Cobras and the DHL Stormers.  Vra maar vir die baas om vroeër huistoe te gaan want die volgende dag is ‘n vakansie dag.

Tickets can be purchased at R40 each and it includes both games. If tickets are bought on Ticketpros using the WeChat Wallet, the purchaser will receive R80 back into the WeChat Wallet! (T&C’s apply). Seating will be unreserved.

“The idea originated with the rugby- and cricket stars as a means to get their friends and family together, but it has since evolved into one of the most richly entertaining T20-events in the country. Now we have also added some of our beloved soccer neighbours and we are confident this will be a knockout-concept with long-term prospects,” said Jasmiena Davids, the Marketing Manager of the Western Cape Cricket.

“There will be a charity element in the game. The player of the match will receive R5000,00, which he can donate to a charity of his preference,” Davids added.

The Cape Cobras won 10 titles the past seven seasons including the coveted Ram Slam T20 Challenge in 2014/2015 and have qualified for the play-off RAM Slam T20 competition Wednesday, 9 December vs the Sunfoil Dolphins, Durban. The Stormers finished at the summit of the South African conference-log in the Super Rugby 2015-edition, the third time in five years. They were beaten finalists in 2010.


“We welcome the opportunity to rub shoulders and spend some fun time on the favourite PPC Newlands turf against the DHL Stormers, who will have some famous Springboks in their ranks,” said Nabeal Dien, Chief Executive Officer of Western Cape Cricket. “Over the course of the next three months, four internationals will be hosted by PPC Newlands, and these duels between the cream of the crop in local soccer, rugby and cricket will offer our die-hard supporters the opportunity to wet their appetite for the clashes against England and Australia,” Dien added.

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Mass Extinction

A few months ago I attended the Boat Show at the CTICC and met Davey Du Plessis. I heard he was about to pedal +-6500km across the Atlantic Ocean and it immediatly caught my attention,  little did I know that this crossing was part of a bigger cause and Davey’s story was one that could inspire many.


Davey’s thirst for adventure is one that spawned from Egypt to South Africa as he cycled over 9000km with a friend. His next expedition took him to the mighty Amazon where he attempted a source to sea adventure, unfortunately this was cut short due to him being shot in the jungle, Choosing To Live is a remarkable true story of adventure and survival in the Amazon Jungle.

The book is both gripping and inspiring highlighting the awesome power of our mind and that there are good people out there even when we feel alone.

I decided to contact Davey and get a little insight into his newest project dedicated towards addressing the current sixth mass extinction period we are living in and highlighting how humans are the first species in known history to be causing a mass extinction.


Below are a couple of questions I posed, through the answers by Davey you’ll get an insight into this humble yet motivated young man who overcame great odds and still has the thirst for adventure.

1. What is your inspiration for doing this expedition?

This entire project is dedicated towards addressing the current sixth mass extinction period we are living in and highlighting how humans are the first species in known history to be causing a mass extinction. It is saddening to know that many species disappear daily due to human impact and humans just don’t care, we are more interested in celebrities  and cell phones than the hundreds of species we contribute towards wiping out each year. The ocean crossing is just a platform to promote human induced mass extinction.


2. How long has it took to plan this expedition, and was it easier to find backing after your two previous expeditions?

This adventure took 2.5 years to plan a I did it with no sponsors, besides the moral support of my girlfriend and family. I chose to represent no sponsors for two reasons:
1)  Being that businesses are largely responsible for the exploitation of species and nature so endorsing them would be somewhat hypocritical on my part and..
2)  So many people give up on their dreams because of lack of finances or support, I couldn’t inspire others if some sponsor just dropped 1 million rand on my lap to fund an adventure, so instead I decided that if I want to authentically encourage people to pursue their own dream I have to do so myself and rely on my own capabilities to ensure I materialise what I set out to do.

3. Are you excited to have your Mom join you on the trip? I am sure she is enthusiastic to be with you.


My mom (Robyn Wolff) asked to join and I thought it would present a great opportunity for her to step far beyond her comfort zone and really push her character, which is why I agreed to have her on board also another factor is that she helps ampilfy the project and essentially the cause of human induced mass extinction, she is able to garner the interest of a wider audience.

4. What are your expectations from this trip?

I look forward to experiencing the forces of the ocean and embracing the vulnerability of being in a tiny boat crossing a big ocean, I also hope that nothing goes wrong that the expedition fails and my greatest hope is that I get to see some magnificent marine life.

5. Any inspiring words or comments you’d like to add?

Despite our seperation from nature in cities and suburbs, we cannot afford to forget that we are animals and are dependent on nature, just like all other animals. It is a humbling reminder that life on Earth doesn’t need us, in fact all species thrive when humans are eliminated from the equation, hopefully we will remember that Earth and life is not here to solely provide for our shallow desires and instead we must realize that it is our role to coexist with other species instead of exploiting them as we do now.


As Davey embarks on another adventure of a life-time I’d like to wish him and his mother all of the best, if you would like to track their progress follow the link below:

Also for more information on the cause see –

Wave Escape

Summertime is officially here and Clifton 4th beach, arguably one a the best beaches in the world with Lions Head in the background a perfect setting for a free screening of 4 films from the Wavescape Film Festival.

The Wild
Searching Sirocco
Psychic Migrations

I haven’t surfed a day in my life but as a water baby I love swimming and the ocean does appeal to me plus I just love the Cape Town vibes bru especially in summertime.

This was an awesome way to gather some friends, pack a picnic basket, dig yourself a sand pit for back support because chairs on the beach is too mainstream and enjoy the summer sun.

The movies were cool especially  Searching Sirocco and Faroes both making me want to grab a skateboard and surfboard and just bust a move even though I know I’d probably break something, the boards obviously hahaha.

Looking out at the night-time hikers up Lions head in the distance it just makes you realise what an awesome city we live in with all these amazing places accessible to us to enjoy.

For the vibes bru for the vibes – peace.

Vuur Warm

Imagine winning R10 000 playing Fives Futbol in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I mean just look at this view…


H2O Sports and Recreation hosted a corporate soccer tournament on the Grand Central rooftop, with the searing Cape Town heat beating down on the players it was all business in an attempt to win the prize money.


This was an opportunity for corporates to bond through sport and also gain some advertising or just have a little fun but with that much cash on the line the competition was  fierce.

After a gruelling day the semi-finals were contested between:
Besda vs DHL and Harlem vs Sanlam, each game lasting 15 minutes.


I was rooting for DHL just because they had ties with my favourite team Man United but it was not to be as Besda beat them 7 – 2 in the first semi-final.

In the other game Harlem came out tops with a 5 – 2 win over Sanlam.


A final word from the referee and the final game of the day was about to kick off it was Besda vs Harlem. It looked to be a tight game no team wanting to make any mistake but Besda had some great skills, even the heriocs of the Harlem keeper couldn’t keep Besda from winning the match 4 – 1.

A great day of football all teams showing some awesome skills on the ball, I am not sure if there were any Ronaldinho’s on Ronaldo’s discovered on the day but I guess it was all in the spirit of fun.

Player of tournament – Justin Woodman


Harlem – runner up


Besda – 2015 H2O Sports and Recreation Corporate Soccer Tournament champions.

Speak Easy

The Rainbow Nation which is South Africa has recently been shutdown with the student movement dubbed #feesmustfall and
#EndOutSourcing. Today we got the opportunity to watch two thought provoking documentaries highlighting these issues from different perspective.


The SpeakEasy collective uses film to create an open space to critically engage with relevant issues facing all people living in South Africa.

We looked at the parallels between South Africa and the recent student protests in Chile with a film called Fault Lines – Chile Rising whereby The students were  demanding free education, and an end to the privatisation of their schools and universities.

Closer to home we had students demanding free education shutting down universities across the country, media portraying violence and devastation (which in some cases are true) but this deviated  from the main issue and the positive spin-offs from this movement.

Shutting down the rainbow nation – #feesmustfall – Gave us a look at the what went down at the universities across our country through the eyes of the students who were there.

Some interesting points came out of the discussions afterwards, this is not a isolated issue as many countries are facing the similiar situations – seen in the video about Chile.

What alternatives are there to help find a solution to the problem we are facing and how the National Development Plan goal of “education for all” can be met?


Yes education is the key to initiate change,the movement made us realise that we have a voice and if we put enough pressure on the powers that be we are able to create a revolution.

It also opened up our eyes to start questioning what we consume in terms of media and made us realise that we should not become complacent and accept everything as true.

With open and frank discussions on various issues affecting South Africa we are able to ignite a spark, if it is just one person they might just be that person who will start a fire…….The Speak Easy Collective could inspire a ripple effect for positive change in our country.

Look out for more events like these and who knows you could be that person to be the change..

Facebook: TheSpeakEasyCollective
Twitter: @SpeakEasyCPT

‘Education for All’

Teamwork is Dreamwork

As the year reaches its twilight thousands are once again gathered at the Grand Parade to run/walk…..crawl through the streets of Cape Town – Yip it is the Annual Community Chest Twilight Team Run.

All in the spirit of charity many companies join in as a social event, what better way to encourage team work than to have your employees dress up and laugh their way through to the finish line.

This is not a race it is just a way to unwind after a long year and soak up the summer sun that Cape Town has to offer….grab some friends, dress up and just be crazy – remember to take a selfie…


Can you spot the eye in team below hahaha…(just kidding Teamwork is Dreamwork :-D)


Summertime in Cape Town definitely starting off with a bang as Jimmy Nevis and the first South African XFactor winners Four took the thousands of runners into the night with a concert at the end.


The start of summer is that way….Aye Aye Captain.