Cool as Ice

Tooot tooooot all aboard the train we going to the Ice Station at Grandwest…


Home to the Cape Storms and mighty Penguins hockey teams but also a place for us to enjoy some social skating in 2h30mins or 3 hour slots.

For a beginner like myself I probably looked like a stranded whale on the ice, hands flying everywhere trying to get my balance and just when I got the hang of it the ring announcer stops everyone saying we should turn around and skate the other way.


Ice skating is great fun, you can do it as a couple or with a group of friends….if you single uh I suggest a couple of test runs before you try and pick up a girl on the ice – the Titanic line “you fall I fall” won’t work buddy I tried it haha.

Once the lights are switched off and the DJ hits the play button the Ice Rink is turned into a cool disco, the experienced skaters weaving inbetween the inexperienced trying to focus on their balance. I think you should at least fall once to get over that fear then its on hmmmm think I’m ready to become a figure skater…ladies holla at me if you to be lifted :-D.


Who needs to go to places where there is snow for christmas get down to the Ice Rink for a cool white christmas it is loads of fun for the whole family.

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