Mass Extinction

A few months ago I attended the Boat Show at the CTICC and met Davey Du Plessis. I heard he was about to pedal +-6500km across the Atlantic Ocean and it immediatly caught my attention,  little did I know that this crossing was part of a bigger cause and Davey’s story was one that could inspire many.


Davey’s thirst for adventure is one that spawned from Egypt to South Africa as he cycled over 9000km with a friend. His next expedition took him to the mighty Amazon where he attempted a source to sea adventure, unfortunately this was cut short due to him being shot in the jungle, Choosing To Live is a remarkable true story of adventure and survival in the Amazon Jungle.

The book is both gripping and inspiring highlighting the awesome power of our mind and that there are good people out there even when we feel alone.

I decided to contact Davey and get a little insight into his newest project dedicated towards addressing the current sixth mass extinction period we are living in and highlighting how humans are the first species in known history to be causing a mass extinction.


Below are a couple of questions I posed, through the answers by Davey you’ll get an insight into this humble yet motivated young man who overcame great odds and still has the thirst for adventure.

1. What is your inspiration for doing this expedition?

This entire project is dedicated towards addressing the current sixth mass extinction period we are living in and highlighting how humans are the first species in known history to be causing a mass extinction. It is saddening to know that many species disappear daily due to human impact and humans just don’t care, we are more interested in celebrities  and cell phones than the hundreds of species we contribute towards wiping out each year. The ocean crossing is just a platform to promote human induced mass extinction.


2. How long has it took to plan this expedition, and was it easier to find backing after your two previous expeditions?

This adventure took 2.5 years to plan a I did it with no sponsors, besides the moral support of my girlfriend and family. I chose to represent no sponsors for two reasons:
1)  Being that businesses are largely responsible for the exploitation of species and nature so endorsing them would be somewhat hypocritical on my part and..
2)  So many people give up on their dreams because of lack of finances or support, I couldn’t inspire others if some sponsor just dropped 1 million rand on my lap to fund an adventure, so instead I decided that if I want to authentically encourage people to pursue their own dream I have to do so myself and rely on my own capabilities to ensure I materialise what I set out to do.

3. Are you excited to have your Mom join you on the trip? I am sure she is enthusiastic to be with you.


My mom (Robyn Wolff) asked to join and I thought it would present a great opportunity for her to step far beyond her comfort zone and really push her character, which is why I agreed to have her on board also another factor is that she helps ampilfy the project and essentially the cause of human induced mass extinction, she is able to garner the interest of a wider audience.

4. What are your expectations from this trip?

I look forward to experiencing the forces of the ocean and embracing the vulnerability of being in a tiny boat crossing a big ocean, I also hope that nothing goes wrong that the expedition fails and my greatest hope is that I get to see some magnificent marine life.

5. Any inspiring words or comments you’d like to add?

Despite our seperation from nature in cities and suburbs, we cannot afford to forget that we are animals and are dependent on nature, just like all other animals. It is a humbling reminder that life on Earth doesn’t need us, in fact all species thrive when humans are eliminated from the equation, hopefully we will remember that Earth and life is not here to solely provide for our shallow desires and instead we must realize that it is our role to coexist with other species instead of exploiting them as we do now.


As Davey embarks on another adventure of a life-time I’d like to wish him and his mother all of the best, if you would like to track their progress follow the link below:

Also for more information on the cause see –


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