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The Rainbow Nation which is South Africa has recently been shutdown with the student movement dubbed #feesmustfall and
#EndOutSourcing. Today we got the opportunity to watch two thought provoking documentaries highlighting these issues from different perspective.


The SpeakEasy collective uses film to create an open space to critically engage with relevant issues facing all people living in South Africa.

We looked at the parallels between South Africa and the recent student protests in Chile with a film called Fault Lines – Chile Rising whereby The students were  demanding free education, and an end to the privatisation of their schools and universities.

Closer to home we had students demanding free education shutting down universities across the country, media portraying violence and devastation (which in some cases are true) but this deviated  from the main issue and the positive spin-offs from this movement.

Shutting down the rainbow nation – #feesmustfall
http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ksgrJyOrd7A – Gave us a look at the what went down at the universities across our country through the eyes of the students who were there.

Some interesting points came out of the discussions afterwards, this is not a isolated issue as many countries are facing the similiar situations – seen in the video about Chile.

What alternatives are there to help find a solution to the problem we are facing and how the National Development Plan goal of “education for all” can be met?


Yes education is the key to initiate change,the movement made us realise that we have a voice and if we put enough pressure on the powers that be we are able to create a revolution.

It also opened up our eyes to start questioning what we consume in terms of media and made us realise that we should not become complacent and accept everything as true.

With open and frank discussions on various issues affecting South Africa we are able to ignite a spark, if it is just one person they might just be that person who will start a fire…….The Speak Easy Collective could inspire a ripple effect for positive change in our country.

Look out for more events like these and who knows you could be that person to be the change..

Facebook: facebook.com TheSpeakEasyCollective
Twitter: @SpeakEasyCPT

‘Education for All’


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