It’s that time of the year people…waar het die tyd gegaan, time flies they say but what they did not imagine was that Grounding Sessions would be having their last session for the year tonight.


Tagore’s, Observatory has opened it doors to verbs, nouns and pronouns, mainly words flowing from the mouths of 40 different featured artists. You heard right, tonight was the 40th Grounding Session and still going strong.

Roché Kester founder and host of Grounding Sessions kicked off the show in her little black dress shoo shoo maar daai poem was warm, the girl too, ek sé maar net….. they say life begins at naughty 40.

Each week the audience come up with a theme for the next week, this weeks theme was Resolution. We were taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions from the open mic session, love and war to emancipating ourselves from mental slavery. When you speak from the heart like poetry teaches you too, we the audience will listen.

The featured artist Odidiva, multi-talented full of energy and life, a real commanding presence on stage. Odidiva unravelled the mystery and fascination of the afro through poetry because I am not my hair and closed off with an original song A cappella style – highly entertaining indeed.

My first time at Grounding Sessions and from what I saw it can get crazy. I mean that in a good way, we even got entertained by poetry’s cousin MC as some freestyle rappers ended off a crazy year.

Well its been a one helluva year for our country, full of ups and downs. With 2016 fast approaching, what is your resolution? Make sure you make love not war and stay grounded at Grounding Sessions.

Till next year – Peace.

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