Roots and Wings

ELRU believes that children need roots and wings,
Roots to know where they come from.
Wings to explore and grow.

Today together with Stop Hunger Now we got the opportunity to help these children grow and spread their wings.


+-6000 meals packed in a 1 hour 30 minute session. The goal was 12000 meals in 2 sessions, with the enthusiasm from the volunteers this target is too low – We do not want to wait till later we want to STOP HUNGER NOW.

What about now? What about
What if you’re making me all that
I was meant to be?

If you have ever been to a Stop Hunger Now meal packing day you’ll know that there are different stations, each person assigned a position in order to make the process run as smooth as possible. I was the box guy, right at the end of the line packing the box with 36 meal packets and sealing it, the best part is when you get to ring the bell once a box is filled.


The aim today was not only to feed a hungry child/family but also to contribute reading material for these children. Reading will help them grow and feed their imagination to dream big.

For more info on ELRU and Stop Hunger Now follow the links below.

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