Grease Frightening

One week ago we celebrated the rise of the dead….hundreds of Zombies stumbling their way from the Cape Town Gardens through the streets, leaving terror in their wake. The destination – The Ultimate Halloween party of 2015 at The Lookout, V&A Waterfront.


I followed the blood trail and this guy…


…but was shocked when I caught up (hmmm I’m not sure how these Zombies got so fast).


The crypt keeper ready to unleash hell on earth.

This year the undead were treated to a longer route and walked away from Parliament , apparently there are no brains that side and we all know Zombies love BRAAAAINS..


Young and old alike came to take part in something different, the effort put into looking dead is amazing…


I even found the Springboks most devastated fan, luckily he was not in England we’d probably have seen someone being bitten o_O


Making my way through the crowd trying to avoid being attacked, these guys offered me some candy….(think I know how these Zombies became so fast hahaha)


Good thing I watched Breaking Bad…hey that is not real candy, Jesse Pinkman – I’ll show you real candy..


If it is given to you by a Mad Hatter it is safe right?


The Corpse bride also made an appearance


and these two were ready to swing the night away….it was a Zombie Fest after all.


Now that’s what I call GREASE FRIGHTENING. 


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