Rum Runner

As I’m writing this I think I finally recovered from MUDL Live’s LIQUID LIFESTYLE festival friday night….


I entered the CTICC taking a walk around trying to find my bearings before I indulged in some of the fine Whiskey, Brandy, Craft beers and ofcourse Rum on offer.

The first drink I had was a  Cuba Libre made with Bacardi Rum, basically it is Rum and Coke but damn it went straight to my head….I noticed a guy wearing a hat and I immediately knew that this was Ian Burrell, Global Rum Ambassador who lainched Rum Fest. I decided to listen to his talk Rum 101, with a strong Jamaican accent he is the king of cool on stage and funny too. I learnt that it is legal to make rum in your garden in Jamaica. (guess where I’m going next maaan).

At the Havana stand I asked Mr Burrell what he recommended, it was the Tiki Punch…hmmm this was more like it something fruity, now I felt like I should have been on some island watching the break of the waves, kaalvoete in die sand.

At the Cocktail Theatre Demo area I noticed they were having a Martini demo – good thing I came straight from work looking like James Bond (not really). Shaken not stirred, we were given a little insight into what a good Martini requires – no ice, lemon peel,  Belvedere vodka (lotsa vodka) and Vermouth – shaken in a cocktail mixer and voila…


…your drink Sir. After we all took a sip I heard one of the guys saying jeez this is why Bond goes around killing people and only drinks one of these throughout the whole movie – Bond’s job must be stressful hahaha but I agree it was strong eish.

Next up it was time to meet the family…

…this family never disappoints.

This was probably one of the best Mojito’s I had, what was great about this event is you get to meet and engage with the industry professionals. After seeing the process you enjoy the drink so much more.

With a big screen we were able to enjoy the 3rd place playoff Rugby World Cup match between The Springboks and Argentina with a craft beer, Stellenbrau or Saggy Stone anyone?

New innovations, old traditions and a wide variety of brands, all under one roof.

This was a cool way to experience something new and exciting, plus I got to meet new people while enjoying a variety of new drinks…..yes there were food trucks too.

And thats is all I can remember because the rest is a blur….I knew that Stroh Fire Chili Spiced Liqueur was to good to be true haha.


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