Warme Bande

Racers are you ready?….spectators are you ready?…I know you ready..


Killarney Race Track was a hub of activity with a variety of races happening. My first time at the track and yeah I was expecting a scene out of Fast and Furious Race Wars, unfortunately their were no Drag races for pinks slips today.

I did get to see this beast speed its way around the track flaming from the exhaust, 0 – 100 faster than The Stig can blink his eyes.


A Dodge Viper, Audi’s, Ford GT40 and Porche’s were all sped around the track making beautiful noise, as they came past at high speed my neck muscles got a workout  – I guess that is where the term breakneck speed comes from.


There were also car clubs on display – Hondaboyz, Toyboyz…

Donkey boys and Supabru’s oh wait it’s Subaru.

I’m more of a classic man myself so these caught my eye…beside the Pit girls ofcourse.

Model planes and an opportunity to test your skill around a track on Forza 5 or maybe drift around a miniture track…

..there was something to keep everyone entertained.

I am no petrol kop but I do appreciate the speed and sound of a fast car….soma lus en warm my tyres en doen ‘n paar donuts


Vroom Vroooooooom.

*the kwaai pictures courtesy of Roger Lakay.

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