Kaptein Span Die Seile


Kaptein – span die seile. Kaptein – sy is myne, daar waar die son
opkom, daar oor die horison wag
sy vir my. http://www.elyrics.net/read/k/kurt-darren-lyrics/kaptein-lyrics.html

Once again we were invited aboard many beautifully crafted yachts at the 15th edition of The International Boat Show.

The CTICC and the Waterfront were host to a variety of displays and boats for the public to revel at, some like myself, dreaming that one day we’ll own one of these beauties.


At the CTICC various exhibitors were on show from navigation equipment, wetsuits, wakeboards, speedboats even perfume and sunglasses because if you own a Yacht you have to look and smell good too right!

I was mostly interested in finding out about the guy who was attempting to sail from Cape to Rio on a self sustaining paddle boat – Davey Du Plessis together with his mom are attempting this daring feat within 4 months at a speed of 3 – 3.5 knots. You can follow his mission and the cause on the links below as he starts his journey in a months time. You can also read more about his survival of the Amazon called Choosing to Live (which I’m currently reading).


From the CTICC you are transported to the Waterfront on City Sightseeing busses where you are able to climb aboard certain boats and explore the inside and outside at your lesuire.

With the recent spate of Shark movies I was not suprised when we saw one, but no this was not real, it’s a machine and a pretty awesome one I must add…


A beautiful weekend, perfect weather and awesome views made for a great show…


And on that bombshell…(cue Top Gear music)


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